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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Delayed Until Everyone Forgets It Sucks

Warner Bros. is delaying Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League from its current May 2023 release date until the latter half of 2023. While Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier believes the delay is for adding polish, I would argue the delay is for people to forget that the game totally sucks.

This delay comes after Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League‘s presentation during February’s Sony State of Play, which included gameplay footage and an extended look into the game’s microtransaction system. The game received major backlash from fans post-presentation, on the grounds that it blew chunks.

6 months isn’t enough time for Suicide Squad to change any major gameplay aspects. Unfortunately, Captain Boomerang will still be using a gun instead of, well, a BOOMERANG. It is, however, the perfect length of time for people to forget the crappy battle pass, or that you need constant internet connection to play this single player game.

Warner Bros. is hoping that if they release Suicide Squad at the end of 2023, more people will be thinking “I want to play as the big shark guy!” instead of “why is the big shark guy equipping an orange-tier assault rifle with 5106 damage and +16.7% critical damage instead of biting people like, you know, a shark?”

While Suicide Squad is a live service game at its core, I would hope Rocksteady can do something in the next half a year to ameliorate fan concerns after the recent presentation. However, the game will likely still cater to the superhero power fantasy of shooting glowing purple weak spots with your +2 Minigun of the Eagle as Harley Quinn. And that sucks – don’t forget it.