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We Asked Hollywood Stars What Their Favorite Video Game of All Time Is

You know what they say, Hollywood stars are just like us! And the main thing we like to do is play video games. But what about the celebs? Here’s what some of Hollywood’s biggest stars said is their favorite video game of all time.

Don Cheadle

Don Cheadle: Ecco the Dolphin. I think we all wish we could be a dolphin, right? I know I do! Come to my car and I’ll show you some pictures I’ve drawn!

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts: Pretty Woman for the NES. People thought it was a little too violent, but hey, that’s the beat-em-up genre, you know?

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Ben Affleck

Jared Leto

Meryl Streep

Michael Shannon

Pedro Pascal

Russel Crowe

Jimmy Fallon

Seth Rogen

Chris Pratt

Jeff Goldblum