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Feel Old Yet: The Snot Nosed Kid is Now a Snot Nosed Man

OUTSET ISLAND — Do you remember the kid from Outset Island with the snot hanging from his nose? Well get ready to feel old because we caught up with him and he’s no longer a snot nosed kid, he’s a snot nosed man.

The boy whose real name is Zill has been living a quiet life in the 20 years since he first became famous for the long snot booger hanging from his nose.

“The truth is I never left the island. I like it here, I know everyone, I help my mom and dad with the pigs,” said Zill. “A lot of people might have thought that I’d be bolting off the island first chance I could due to my attention hog nature when I was a kid but I’ve matured a lot, I have responsibilities here. It’s been twenty years. I’m not that little kid anymore with a comically large and grotesque piece of snot hanging out of my nose, I’m a grown man with a comically large piece of snot hanging from my nose.”

When asked why he still chooses to have a large piece of snot hanging halfway down his body, Zill says it’s a piece of his identity.

“It’s what makes me stand out. It’s my thing. I couldn’t just be Zill, no one would remember Zill but everyone remembers Snot Nosed Kid. It’s a sad fact of life but no one remembers the random people around any given island, you need some sort of singular thing that defines who you are. You need to be the Elvis looking guy or the big swollen head guy or the pedophile guy.”

“We get a lot of tourists here now since it’s the home of the hero who defeated Ganondorf and they all immediately recognize me because of my snot. ‘You’re the annoying kid who always tried to follow Link around’ they say and if I was just Zill they wouldn’t know who I am, “Zill continued. Link interacted with everyone on this island, but outside of Link’s Grandma and sister, Sturgeon, Orca and I are the ones that tourists flock to. Yeah I’m in my late twenties now and have a job but the snot isn’t going anywhere.”

We tried to interview other residents to see what they’ve been up to in the last twenty years but Zill wouldn’t stop following us around.

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