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Clever Ninja Warrior Contestant Wins Instantly After Finding Trophy Hidden to the Left of Starting Area

LOS ANGELES — A contestant on the popular athletic obstacle course based game show American Ninja Warrior has cleverly subverted the conventional race route and achieved victory by finding a trophy hidden over to the side of the starting area, sources have confirmed. 

“We always wondered if anyone would find that thing,” said Jay Hunter, one of the show’s directors. “There are actually a couple more Easter Eggs and secrets hidden around the course, including a shortcut that would truly blow people’s minds, but I’ve probably said too much already. Congratulations to Kate McHenry for finding the hidden trophy and setting a new all time record for this course at 2.7 seconds.” 

McHenry was beside herself after realizing her discovery meant she’d get to move onto the next round of the competition. 

“Wait, so that’s all I had to do?” she asked. “I wasn’t even really looking for secrets, I just noticed my shoe was untied, and as much as I hated to take the time to tie it, I certainly didn’t want any accidents. So while I was down there I noticed a shine out of the corner of my eye, and I looked, and there was this shimmering trophy just sort of floating there. I’ve never seen anything like it. It burned my hand when I touched it, but I guess it was worth it if you are serious that I’ve won the competition?” 

Many fans of the show were disappointed with what they felt was an underwhelming episode with unfair results. 

“Where’s the skill in finding some random bullshit?” asked Jordan Miller, who’s been watching the show since its 2009 premiere. “If they’re going to allow this shit they should really start running two different divisions. They can have contestants do it straight up, and then do this weird trophy-assisted bullshit. That’s not athleticism, that’s just finding some knickknack they put over there for some reason.” 

As of press time, McHenry’s feat reportedly overshadowed fellow contestant Linda Jensen’s remarkable time of 12.9 seconds, which she achieved after successfully shifting through several walls.