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Forbes Announces “32-Under-32” to Account for CEO’s 31-Year-Old Daughter Who’s Really Good at Drawing

NEW YORK — Forbes announced today that this year’s edition of 30-Under-30 will instead be called 32-Under-32 in order to include the daughter of Forbes’ CEO, who is reportedly really good at drawing.

“I don’t normally like to exercise my power in order to help my children out, because that would be nepotism, but I think it’s fair in this case because Veronica is just so good at drawing. She would easily make the list if she wasn’t too old and I think she absolutely needs to be represented!” explained Forbes CEO Michael Federle. “She only just started drawing about a year ago, but she’s already crushing it. She can’t do people yet, but if you ask her to draw a street or something, she does this thing where she draws a big X on the page and then draws the buildings and such along the lines of it. I don’t know how she comes up with this stuff, but she’s our next Picasso for sure. I know he did paintings, but if he did drawings too.”

Veronica Federle was announced along 31 other notable young people in the category “Art & Style” as well as “Social Impact” because “her drawings really make people think.”

“I know people are going to poo poo this because my dad is the CEO, but I genuinely think he would have done this for me if he just saw my drawings and we weren’t related at all,” the budding drawer explained. “Not to mention, I’m not taking anybody’s spot; we actually added an extra person to each category this year, so they should really thank me. Honestly, in many ways, having my dad be the CEO of Forbes has only made my career harder because people expect so much of me. Thankfully, I have managed to rise to the occasion!”

According to those familiar with the situation, Federle plans to use her drawing skills to eventually make a transition into being a leading actor in a prestige television drama or film.

At press time, we considered reaching out to young up-and-coming artists who felt snubbed by the decision to include Veronica Federle in this year’s list, but we don’t know who they are.