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‘The Wizard of Oz’ Digital Remaster Finally Adds Dead Actor Swinging From Tree in Background

LOS ANGELES — A new digital remaster of The Wizard of Oz has finally digitally added the  dead actor swinging from a rope in the background from the urban legend, sources have confirmed.

“Finally, Victor Fleming’s vision is complete,” said Arnold Rutherford, a film historian in charge of the film’s restoration. “There has been a rumor for decades that an actor portraying a munchkin hung himself on set, and that it can actually be seen in the background of the finished film. The truth is that the director of photography missed that shot, and Fleming never forgave him. The same people that swear they’ve seen it are the same ones that swear they show Gwyneth Paltrow’s head in a box at the end of Se7en. It’s just good film-making that makes you think you saw it, but it was never actually in there.” 

“But now it’s in there for real,” he added. “You can totally see a dead guy in the background now.” 

Cinephiles rejoiced as the long rumored detail was finally included.

“I can’t believe they finally put the dead munchkin in Oz,” said Al Maginsky, an outspoken Twitter user that focuses on film. “If we didn’t somehow bully HBO into putting the Snyder Cut up last year I’d say it’s the craziest thing we’ve pulled off in a while. A lot of people have asked me what’s next, and I think it’s clear that the only place to go from here is The Butthole Cut of Cats!” 

However, others have argued that the process was unnecessary and insist that the often repeated urban legend is true. 

“No, that’s totally in there,” said Todd Maginsky, Al’s dickhead older brother. “That’s no bullshit. You can fuckin’ see it. Me and Dave and Dave were over at Dave’s stepdad’s house and he fuckin’ showed it to us. Dude just fuckin’ hanging there in the background. They say he did it because he loved the guy in the lion costume but he was already married to one of the witch ladies. Or something. I don’t fucking know. Get out of my room.” 

As of press time, HBO Max had pulled the new restoration of The Wizard of Oz from its platform with no immediate plans to reupload it.