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Colorblind Man Can’t Tell If He’s In Flashback or Not

DOVER, Ohio — Local Ohio resident Douglas Creedy recently expressed his sadness that because of his colorblindness, he can never tell if he’s in a flashback or not.

“It’s hard to know when I’m just living my life, or reflecting back on a key moment in my past that made me this way,” Creedy tearily said. “Whenever I find myself in a flashback, it takes a while for me to figure it out. I often have to wait until a glass shatters to the ground in slow motion, or until my perspective zooms in on someone’s lips as they say the key line that changed me. While most people think colorblindness only makes it hard to pick out clothes or pilot an airplane, they don’t realize that it also makes it more difficult to tell when you’re experiencing the tragic irony of your past mistakes or being haunted by memories of your lost spouse.”

Medical experts in the ocular field claim that colorblindness carries further nuances that many people fail to take into consideration.

“Without seeing color, it can be incredibly hard to know if you’re in a flashback, or even having a foreshadowing to the future,” said Optometrist Dr. Stephen Richmond. “According to studies, most colorblind patients are even unable to tell when they’ve accidentally entered a portal that transported them back to the 1950’s. Truly, being colorblind is a tragic life that we cannot begin to understand fully without first hand experience.”

At press time, Creedy said that due to his colorblindness, he was also unable to identify whether this was the first time he’d lamented his condition or if it was just another flashback.