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A Definitive Guide to Move Priority in Rumbleverse

Here’s what moves have priority over each other in Rumbleverse

If you’ve played more than a couple of games of Rumbleverse, you’ve probably grown to despise the word “Priority” popping up on your screen, as it means someone just kicked your ass even though you’re pretty sure you got your attack out first. If you’re confused and frustrated about this happening, fear not! We here at Minus World and Hard Drive are ready to explain the beguiling mysteries of Rumbleverse move priority.

What is Move Priority?

When two moves in Rumbleverse collide, the game checks the level of “Priority” of both moves to determine which one hits. There are seven levels of move priority: Super, Power, Weapon, Special Strike, Normal Strike, Special Vicious, and Normal Vicious. A move of a higher priority will always defeat a move of a lower priority in a head-on collision. If two moves with the same priority collide, there will be a clash and both players will be knocked back without receiving any damage.

But knowing all of this isn’t very helpful unless you also know which kinds of moves fit into which category, something that isn’t explained particularly well in the game itself. Not to worry, we’ve got it covered:


Super is the highest tier of move priority, and will override any other type of move in a head-on collision. There is currently only one Super move in the game, the “Super Vicious Attack” that you can perform when in Superstar Mode. If your opponent is in Superstar Mode and you see them glow red and try to grab you, dodging is your only defense.


Power is the second-highest tier of move priority, and can only be overridden by a Super move. The only Power moves currently in the game are the Dropkick (performed by Striking while Dashing), the Backfist (performed by Striking after being knocked down), and the Uppercut, Bionic Uppercut and Omega Uppercut Skills that can be equipped during a match. Power moves can be identified by the blue aura they give off, although this can be hard to spot at times. As the main Power move that everybody has access to, you’re going to see a lot of Dropkick spamming. But don’t panic! Dropkicks can be blocked and your opponent will then be open for a counterattack.

Weapon – Rumbleverse Move Priority

Weapon is the third-highest tier of move priority and is pretty self-explanatory: it applies to any hit with an equipped weapon such as a Metal Bat, Stop Sign or Wooden Plank. Many players do not currently seem to respect the high priority of Weapon attacks, so it’s worth keeping a weapon or two in your pockets for when you want to catch someone off-guard.

Special Strike

Special Strike is the middle tier of move priority. It applies to any of the Skills you can equip during a game that “strike” the opponent and aren’t in the Power category, such as the Superkick, Cyclone and Punchline. These moves are high priority enough that newer Rumbleverse players will likely be unable to defend against a continuous onslaught of Special Strikes, but more experienced opponents will simply block or counter with Power and Weapon attacks.

Rumbleverse Move Priority – Normal Strike

Normal Strike is the third-lowest tier of move priority. It applies to the basic Strikes that every player has access to: Chops and Elbow Drops. If you see your opponent glow red for a Vicious Attack and they aren’t currently in Superstar mode, mashing out some Normal Strike attacks is genuinely one of the best defenses. 

Special Vicious

Special Vicious is the second-lowest tier of move priority. It applies to any of the Skills that you can equip during a game where you “grab” your opponent, such as the Tackle, Big Swing and Chokeslam. If you’re not entirely sure whether an attack is “Vicious” or not, look for the telltale red glow before the move hits. You may wonder why anyone would equip these Skills when Special Strikes have higher priority, but Vicious Attacks make up for this by being unblockable, as well as generally more powerful than their Striking brethren. 

Rumbleverse Move Priority: Normal Vicious

Normal Vicious is the lowest tier of move priority. It applies to the regular, charged, and wake-up Vicious Attacks that are part of your basic moveset. Like the Special Vicious attacks, these low priority moves are unblockable and generally more powerful than your Normal Strikes. Use them to punish newer players who won’t let go of the block button, or when sneaking up on someone from behind.

And there you have it! Now you have all the information you need to go out there and Pavlov some Rumbleverse newbies into hating the word “Priority” just as much as you once did. Now get out there and drive some piles!