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Marvel Snap Winterverse: Winter Variants, Bundle, & Rewards

It’s without a doubt that Second Dinner’s first game, Marvel Snap, has garnered much success since its release in October. With over 5 million downloads and an award for the best mobile game in The Game Awards, they have beat out competition from other popular games and are cementing their place as a fan favorite. Now, the developers at Second Dinner are continuing the momentum with the first Marvel Snap seasonal event: Winterverse.

Winterverse is bringing with it a new bundle, two weeks of daily rewards, and plenty of new variants. In a period marked with gifts and events, what better way to end the year than with good tidings? Here’s all you need to know the Marvel Snap winter event.

When Does Marvel Snap Winterverse Start?

The event kicked off on December 20, 2022, and will run till January 3, 2023. New and existing players can join in on the fun anytime in between. However, new players should join the bandwagon as soon as possible because a reward is given for each daily login. A day missed is a reward forfeited.

What Are The Winterverse Rewards?

For the duration of the event, participants will receive rewards such as gold, credits, boosters, and variant cards that are exclusive to the Winterverse event. Each day comes with a different reward from the previous day, with special presents for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

A day 1 faithful participant stands a chance to win a total of 1000 credits, 500 gold, 30 Angela Boosters, 60 Random Boosters, a Nick Fury Card signed by Samuel L. Jackson, and a Black Panther Hero Variant Avatar. Make sure to claim your login rewards immediately as they expire after two weeks.

Here’s a breakdown of what you will get each day;

December 20, 2022100 Credits 
December 21, 202230 Boosters
December 22, 2022100 Gold
December 23, 2022100 Credits
December 24, 2022150 Credits
December 25, 2022Nick Fury Card signed by Samuel L. Jackson
December 26, 2022200 gold
December 27, 202250 credits
December 28, 202230 Angela Boosters
December 29, 2022100 Credits 
December 30, 202230 Boosters
December 31, 2022Black Panther Hero Variant Avatar
January 1, 2023500 Credits
January 2, 2023200 Gold
January 3, 2023Top Secret 

What Are The Marvel Snap Winter Event Variants?

In an event that doesn’t stop giving, Marvel Snap gives players a chance to win a Winterverse card variant each time they open a Collector’s Reserve. But there’s a catch: a player has to at least be at Collection Level 1000 to open a Collector’s Reserve, and the rewards are only received after every 12 levels.

These variant cards can only be gotten during the event and include:

  • Winterverse Abomination
  • Winterverse Ebony Maw
  • Winterverse Patriot
  • Winterverse Rockslide
  • Winterverse Rogue

Winter variants for Patriot, Rogue, Rock Slide, & Ebony Maw in Marvel Snap Winterverse

The Marvel Snap Winterverse Abomination variant.

What Is The Marvel Snap Winterverse Bundle?

Finally, for players that have a spare 6000 gold laying around, a Winterverse Bundle will be up for grabs for a limited time. You can expect to find the following in the bundle:

  • 8000 Credits
  • 2000 Collector’s Token
  • 100 Sunspot Boosters
  • Sunsport Winterverse Variant
  • Sunsport Winterverse Avatar
  • “Tacos After This?” Title