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Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11 Guide: How to Beat Retreat

As the Fire Emblem Engage story goes on, Chapter 11 marks the first true escape mission in its campaign. On top of having only a little break in between the previous chapter and this one, a small mistake can lead to casualties, especially on harder difficulties or in classic mode. Here is a rundown of Chapter 11: Retreat, what units can work best in it, and some key tips to get out of this escape alive.

While spoilers will be limited, there are some unavoidable ones below, so proceed at your own risk.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11: Retreat Overview

The starting position for Chapter 11: Retreat in Fire Emblem Engage.

To start, this chapter is highly tied to the previous one, as this is an escape from the Cathedral after a low point for you and your team. The recommended level of units to run is around level 11. However, due to the situation that arose in Chapter 10, you start the fight with no Emblem Rings (unless you have the DLC ones) and no ability to rewind time.

Where all of the goals in previous chapters was to defeat the main antagonists, this is the first true escape mission. Starting near the top of the map, the goal is to make it all the way to the bottom with Alear (or whatever you named your protagonist). When you get on that green-highlighted square, it doesn’t matter where the rest of your team is, the escape is considered complete.

As for what units to run, going with Archers is key, especially with the enemies coming from both left and right. Asides from that, running strong but fast units to get to the end is a good strategy.

Speaking of the end, it’s quite a distance away, with enemies coming from all directions and holding the spaces of your potential escape. Plus, the daughter of the Fell Dragon will be able to Break weapons from your team if you stay too close to the top of the map.

Ivy Joins to Save the Day

While the escape seems to be dire, partway through your escape, Princess Ivy of Elusia and her two retainers Kagetsu and Zelkov will join you. She also comes bearing gifts, specifically two Emblem Rings: Ring of the Lady of the Plains and the Ring of the Exalt Princess.

With that, you go from having no Emblem Rings to just two, with Lyn tied to Ivy and Lucina tied to Alear. It’s still a big downgrade from before, but it does help a lot as the escape gets tougher. 

How to beat Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11, "Retreat."
Emblem Lucina and Lyn in Fire Emblem Engage.

As Ivy arrives, the Four Hounds join the fight, starting at the very top of the map. They are very strong, with multiple revives and your previous Emblem Rings. This brings us to the first tip, one that I didn’t do properly on my first try and had to restart to get right.

Keep Moving Down to Avoid Casualties

This is an escape mission and a very dangerous one thanks to the removal of your Emblem Rings. While there are plenty of enemies around, the ones below you (asides from the ones holding the escape squares) aren’t too dangerous. The ones above you are the ones you should avoid, so don’t try and take battles with enemies above you unless they engage. Even if that happens, try and hit them from range while you move down the board.

A smart way to make sure your team moves down as fast as possible is to change the position of your team before the escape begins. In that preparation mode, move your slowest units to the front alongside Alear, so they can cover more distance. Put your fastest units in the back, so they can catch up quickly and even detour slightly to cover left and right flanks. 

Also, when Ivy joins your team, that’s when the true danger begins. The Four Hounds will cover a lot more distance than you think, especially Zephia as a Flying enemy. Always keep an eye on the Four Hounds’ movement and when they can hit allies, as they have a good chance to one-shot a majority of them.

Fire Emblem Engage Chapter 11: Meet the Win Condition for a Swift Victory

Lastly, the win condition is simply to get Alear (you) on the escape square and to use the Escape action. So, while there are only two escape squares with two enemies on them, eliminating one with an ally and getting Alear (you) on it is viable.

It makes sense to want to clear it out and kill nearby enemies for experience, but that can also lead to the Four Hounds catching up sooner than expected. Just focus on escaping with Alear above all else, and you should be all right.

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